Independent government agency

• Migrate IAAS back to private infrastructure. 
• Design and implement new datacenter design.
• Design and implement Palo Alto Firewalls for inter department communications.
• Design and implemented hardening SSL sites internally and externally.
• Network migration from Cisco to Huawei
• Design and implement Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for both private and cloud apps.
• Design and implement ISATAP to 'Manage Out' Direct Access Clients i.c.w. external load balancers
• Design and migrate ADFS 3.0 to ADFS 4.0 i.c.w. external load balancers
• Design and implementation miscellaneous i.c.w. Citrix NetScaler o.a.:
••• Office 365
••• ADFS 4.0
••• ADFS 3.0
••• DirectAccess
••• LDAP over TLS
• Design upgrade path NetScalers OS 11.0, 11.1 and 12.0
• Upgraded NetScalers OS 11.0,11.1 and 12.0 
• Monitor and troubleshoot network performance
• Operational management NetScaler VPX in HA setup
• Operational management FortiGate 400D Firewalls in HA setup
• Operational management Huawei Firewalls USG 6300 series
• Operational Management Huawei Router and Switches in Switch Virtual Fabric (SVF)(AR2200, S6700, S5700)
• Operational Management Brocade Switches (ICX7450, VDX6740)
• Operational Management Cisco Switches (3850)
• Operational management AeroHive Enterprise wireless environment consisting of 50 Accesspoints receivers for 525+ client's
• Operational management virtual infrastructure based on 365+ VMs on 19 Hosts in 2 datacenters
• Planning and operational management of Observium and Huawei E-sight monitoring
• 2nd line support

Network Engineer


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