Allow only one URL path on a vServer

Recently we were notified by a supplier that a particular application that we exposed via the NetScaler to Internet was vulnerable to particular exploit.
The only way to mitigate the threat was by making sure that only a specific path could be used, and nothing else.

For example: you only want that works, and nothing else.
No problem! The NetScaler can fix that for you! This is how.

Create a responder policy and choose as action: DROP. Not NOOP (No Operation), you want to do something with it.
Expression will be:



The downside of doing it like that it is CASE sensitive. To overcome that, you can use this expression:


Or if you have like two paths that should work, and nothing else use it like this, in case that path1 OR path2 are matched:



After this, just add is a responder policy to your vServer and test it out.