David Franken

The knowledge the reward is high when you succeed, gives strength.

I was as a field engineer working for a small IT company. Nice colleagues, variety in work. Life is good.

After a while I wanted something else. I applied to a function at Laurens & Nivard IT Services. Thought I had it all; good resume, broad knowledge, communication skills, strong analytics .
Only one problem; no certificates. After all, everyone can say they master IT, in fact; there are dozens out there saying they master IT. However, with certificates you can show that you can actually do it. The customer must be able to see it!

Setback. Reality check.

Fortunately, I was accepted under one condition; get certified. Locked myself up in a prison, others call it the attic, and studied continuously seven days a week, for six months. Spring turned to Summer and Summer to Fall. I rarely saw my wife. That was the reality.

Perseverance paid back.

In 2011 I started a project in a mental health care institution. My first project: I had to inventory network components and document it. Projects grew larger until in 2012 I got the opportunity to technical lead a project; complete network rebuild for 25 sites with a budget of 1 mil. euro.
However, there was a problem; documentation was outdated, knowledge was ‘in somebody's head'. What to do? Where to start?
The solution was simple; by structurally documenting current situations per site and creating designs, only one thing was left to do.
Drew up scenarios how to get from A to B with thorough change implementation plans. Result had to be there; a complete new network which is scalable, robust, and state of the art. All without downtime of the business.
I still find pride and pleasure when I look back.

Today, I don't want to work any other way. By applying strong methodologies, it's easier to tackle complex cases. It brings structure and exudes confidence. Not only for yourself, also for the organization.
If it seems impossible or too complex, start and persevere, you'll find the solution; that's your reward...

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